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Welcome to BoothPal - #1 User-Friendly Dedicated Online Booking System. is your one-stop shop to help customize and grow your PhotoBooth business to the next level. We provide fully automated booking systems for your website, custom event graphics, and user-friendly animation software to easily create your own “Touch To Start” screens and Templates without complicated technical skills. Our Online Booking System has been trusted by 100's Vendors around the World! Join the fastest-growing Online Booking System today!

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At Boothpal we bring you the power and freedom to easily customize any media animation, overlay, or template directly online! That means no intense graphics or animation skills are required, no PhotoShop, no After Effects, nothing! It's so easily accessible that literally anyone is capable of editing anything! Here is what is included in a Membership. try it FREE!

  • Create YOUR OWN Templates, Animations, or load 1000s from the library
  • Create your own Multi Preset and Seating Charts
  • Create a Professional Website in 5 minutes
  • Dedicated Online Booking System - BoothPal
  • Create Video Guest Books
  • Create Virtual Photo Booths
  • Create Virtual Mosaics
  • Create Online Photo Albums
  • Custom Requests with LIVE CHAT!!
  • And lots MORE!

Online Bookings 24/7

Get bookings while sleeping, drinking coffee or simply enjoying your life! BoothPal will automatically detect days you've already been booked. We want you to relax and let your BoothPal take care of all the administrative work for you!

Set your pricing by any Day of the week!


You can have different prices for each DAY of the week! BoothPal will detect and show your clients prices accordingly!

What that means is you can now set prices for any day of the week.

Built-in Calendar

Our State of the art Powerful Online Booking System has a Built in Calendar that shows all your bookings! Extremely easy access to any booking via Booking List where you can search for any of your clients by Booking ID, name etc

Unlimited Contracts!

Unlimited Contracts for any SERVICE!! Yes, we have done this and now it's available at BOOTHPAL! Show your client only the Contract they need to see when they select a SERVICE / PRODUCT, and the system will show them an appropriate contract for that Service / Product! 

Manage Bookings

Managing your Bookings couldn't be easier! Changing event dates, Clients info, add/remove manual payments, add/remove add-ons, add/remove a coupon, add exemption tax code, enable/disable/view Contracts, enable/disable/view Mirror Customization, overwriting a Booking and much more. All with just a few clicks! Only at BoothPal!

Clients PORTAL

Your clients have a separate section where they can log in and manage their booking, sign/view Contract, create/view Mirror Customization ( your workflow), add any add-on’s on the fly and make payments anytime 24/7.

Auto Notifications

Automatic Customized email reminder for a review xx amount of days after an event! The system will detect which event to email! You don't need to e-mail clients anymore! Let BoothPal take care of that!

Don't miss a thing with BoothPal! Once your client books online they receive an automatic Customized welcome email, notifications of any payments made manually or by client's portal, when your client is done with mirror customization, upcoming events xx Amount of days you set, Payment reminder for your client xx amount of days prior to an event, etc.. Only at BoothPal

Manage Products / Services

BoothPal was not only created for Photo Booth owners but also for photographers, videographers, DJ’s, etc! And to top this off, you can also tell the system how many products you OWN! which will NEVER overbook! Only at BoothPal!

Payment Gateways

BoothPal accepts 3 types of payments via Paypal , ( new ) Stripe, and Square. If you require another gateway, of course, we can install it.

Manage Packages

Creating packages is as simple as 1,2,3. 

  • Create a package
  • Select the product associated with the package
  • Give the package a Description and you're done!

A Package is now LIVE for your clients to BOOK! 

Only at BoothPal

Manage Add-Ons

Easily manageable add-ons per Package, Multiple package selection per each add-on! Only at BoothPal!

Book Keeper

Complete automatic calculations for all your bookings! Just hand this to your tax man and you're done! Only at BoothPal 

Add Employees to any Booking

You can Manage your Employees at BoothPal , Add / Delete any Employee and Assign them to any Booking(s) , Multiple Employees can be assigned to a Single Booking!

Manage Vacations

Beach time, perhaps? Or a quick getaway from a busy schedule? Not an issue as BoothPal can book off days you don't wish to work. Simply create Vacation Days and no one will be able to book those dates! Only at BoothPal

Manage Coupon Codes

You can add unlimited Coupons with Value or Percentage PER package with an Expiry Dates. Provide your clients with a code to enter in the form for when it comes time to book. Only at BoothPal